Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System

Billing Policy

The terms listed here are for your information about how BugHost conducts its billing practices. These terms may change, without notice, from time to time and will be posted to

Initial Sign-up Charges

When you initially sign up for services, your credit card will be charged for a whole month of services, plus any setup fees, if applicable. Subsequent monthly fees will be charged on your billing day.

Billing Day

Your billing day depends on when your billable services first become active. Certain items may be prorated calculated from the number of days between the day when new services are added and the billing day. If your billing day is after the 28th of the month, we will adjust the billing day to be the first day of the month. New services that are added will be prorated for the extra days in that particular month to the first day of the following month.

Routine Charges

All charges must be paid with a valid credit card. Your credit card is charged on your billing day for the coming month's charges. If your card is declined, we will send you an email notifying you that your credit card information needs to be updated. We will attempt to charge your credit card each day for up to 15 days or until successful. You will receive an email each time it is declined. If by the 15th attempt, the credit card continues to be declined, your account will be automatically downgraded to the Free Package.

Account Plans

Your account is set up based on a specific pricing and service plan. Each plan is defined by our marketing department and may change from time to time. Your account will remain on the same plan until you cancel your service. We may, at our discretion, change the plan or pricing that your account is currently using. We will not, however, raise the price of any service for the plan you are on.

If we offer services similar to the plan you are on with new pricing, you may request an account review to see if you are eligible to switch to the new plan. Existing plans do not automatically get updated to reflect the newer pricing or services. You may only change to a new plan if authorized by one of our sales or support representatives.

Please note that when your subscription is terminated, we will downgrade your service to BugHost Lite and change your plan according to what we offer in the BugHost Lite plan. If you choose to subscribe again at a later time, your account will subscribe to whatever plans are available at that time. You may request to be placed on the same plan you were on previously, but your request will be denied if that plan is no longer available.

Additional Services

When you sign up for additional services, these charges are charged to your credit card on the day you sign up. The amount charged is prorated until your billing day. Subsequent monthly charges are included in the routine monthly charges that are billed on your billing day.

Credit Card Charges

Services are billed to one credit card each billing cycle. If you would like to have charges transferred to another card, simply edit your credit card information. All new charges will be billed to the new credit card number, if valid. Note: All charges for BugHost services will appear on your credit card statement from Variad Corporation.

Canceling Services

Cancelling service requires a written request from the account manager or the billing contact. Written requests may be provided via email, fax, or correspondence through postal mail. Requests must be made 30 days prior to the effective cancellation date. Upon termination, your account will be charged for services up to the effective cancellation date and your account will then be downgraded to the Free Package. Some features and services which are available in the paid services will no longer be available in the Free Package.

Past Due Accounts

All accounts with a balance 30 days past due will be locked out and charged a 15% late fee. Once locked out, no users will be able to log in or use the system until the account is paid in full, including any late fees. The account cannot be unlocked until all fees and past due amounts are paid. Accounts which are not paid 60 days past due are considered delinquent and are subject to further collection efforts. Accounts referred to collections will be charged a US$75.00 collection fee.


You may request a refund for your account in writing by sending an email to Refunds will be given for accounts that are current (up-to-date in payments) and not used more than five (5) days in the billing period. For instance, if your billing day is the 17th day of the month and you already paid for the 'January 17 to February 16' billing period and the day is between January 17 and January 22, you may request a refund. If the refund is granted, your account will be downgraded immediately to the Free service. We do not offer refunds for months which have been used more than five days in that particular billing period, nor do we offer refunds for prior months. Because we offer a 30-day free trial for all pay versions, refunds will not be given for the first 30 days of an account.

Some promotional plans are not applicable for full refunds on remaining services. These special promotional plans require a contract term in order to receive a free gift or other offer. These types of accounts will be refunded the remaining term of service, minus an early termination fee. The termination fee will be 20% of the service charge for the remaining number of months.