Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System


These are actual testimonials from some of our customers. Other than spelling or grammatical fixes, BugHost staff did not modify any of these quotes.

The system is elegant in its simplicity. It's UI is extremely intuitive and functional.

--Nathan P. - Aviva Health from Kaiser Permanente

We've really enjoyed using BugHost - our clients and our internal team (esp. me!) have been really grateful to have this highly functional and effective service available!

--Julie D., ion interactive

We started using BugHost for the last couple of weeks and I wanted to take a minute and write an email on your great service.
I am a believer of SaaS / hosted services and BugHost fits that model perfectly. We signed up and with a few clicks were able to start using your service and enter and track bugs on our product. The UI is extremely intuitive and we didn't have to use any help to start using the product.

Keep up the good work...

--Divakar J., Founder, eVapt Inc.

A very easy-to-use, well thought out, web-based bug management system, which comes with in-built, excellent, prompt and friendly technical support, personally supplied to end-users by BugHost via email.

--Roy C., A Fresh Pair of Eyes Ltd.

Some of the reasons we chose to use a web-based / hosted bug tracking system is that we have people scattered across Canada, and need to move away from emails (with attachments), and need a common area to see data related to problems, and need to use screenshots (and other attachments) to confirm we are all looking at the same problem and solution....

We are quite happy with your product (superior to elementool and Bugtrack and Bugzilla and others).

--Malcolm S.,

As part of a small engineering group, I never thought we would need a bug tracking system. The spreadsheets we were using seemed to be working just fine. Then it got out of hand when the spreadsheet starting filling up. Thankfully, we only had to suffer for a month or two before discovering BugHost. The ability to easily differentiate bugs from feature requests alone made it worth the switch. We have barely scratched the surface of BugHost's functionality and it has already saved a few hours and several headaches in the past 6 months.

--Cyrus M., Tripod Data Systems

Thank you, BugHost! It's about time someone offered a good bug-tracking system at a reasonable price. I have always wanted a better way to keep track of defects than trying to use a word processor, spreadsheet, or home-made database system. But the solutions I have found up until now were cumbersome or just cost-prohibitive (or both). Now that I've been using BugHost, I look back at all the hassles I once went through (printing and re-printing long lists of bugs, pouring over them, sorting them manually), and just shake my head.

The other thing that I really like is the fact that BugHost is web-based, so I have complete access to the defect data pretty much whereever I am. It was an incredible hassle to try to keep bug lists up-to-date and synchronized among the managers, programmers and testers involved in a project. And as a contractor, being able to use the service at home or at any client location has been invaluable.

--Steve D., Independent Contractor